Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach, The beach with the longest history of tourism in south Goa, is the perfect Goa beach holiday destination for the tourist in search of a bit of action: water sports, night life and an enormous variety of dining and accommodation options to choose from.

Although it is no longer the quiet, picture-postcard Goa beach that it once was before it was "discovered", Palolem beach is still a beautiful half-moon bay with clear, calm waters and an abundance of excellent restaurants and beach resorts for the discerning traveller. The once empty, palm-fringed sands of Palolem are filled with fishing boats offering dolphin viewing and day trips, jet skis, banana rides and other water activities. Excellent freshly cooked seafood is everywhere to be found and there are numerous well-run beach hut resorts, where one can find a beach hut on the shore with glorious uninterrupted views of the bay.

The centre of Palolem beach, where the main entrance is, is very busy and often overcrowded, but to the northern and southern ends it is possible to find pockets of peace and calm and some very beautiful beach hut resorts. The northern end has a lovely tidal river which joins the Arabian sea, on which one can enjoy charming bird-watching boat rides, ideally suited to small children. There is a great lookout point on the rocks on that end of the beach from which to catch a glorious Goa sunset.

The southern end of Palolem beach ends in the famous Neptune's Point, a rocky outcrop that forms a divider between Palolem beach and Colomb Bay. Neptune's Point is also home to Silent Noise, the famous weekly headphone party, where throngs of tourist flock to get a taste of party Goa and dance the night away to the sounds of trance, house and drum and bass. Alpha Bar, another late night spot which has a weekly headphone party, is also on the southern end of Palolem Beach.

The main Palolem road is the best place for shopping in south Goa, with a variety of clothing and jewellery stores to choose from. Bargains are easily had, and there are also plenty of good restaurants and even an ice cream parlour or two, to choose from.

Palolem beach resort

Resorts in Palolem beach Goa

Palolem beach is a fantastic paradise located in south Goa, near the border with Gokarna, choosing a room to book in Palolem may prove to be a bit problematic if you don't ask the right questions. Goa is set up for all sort of travelers.

Goa resorts

budget Goa resorts are as common as luxury Goa huts, or family houses on Goa beach, and Goa holidays altogether. you may say you need to see Goa beach to understand beaches are known to be party zones if this is what you need Palolem is no different., check out Goa map, to see for yourself about Goa climate and the best time to go to goa, find beach huts in Palolem beach Goa, read about Goa beautiful history and view goa photos from beachhutbooking.

south goa resorts

Palolem features some of the best south Goa resorts in the market, at least the biggest selection of accommodation, you can find in palolem all sorts of resorts, from local houses in the back of the beach, to luxury AC cottage in the center of the happening on the beach. the budget is the keyword here, and the timing, both with planing your holiday in Goa, and with booking a head of anyone else.

South Goa

In south Goa paloelm beach is the center of travel, surely Agonda beach has groan more familiar in the past few years and Patnem which is just next to Palolem.

Palolem beach Goa

booking a resort in Palolem beach either an ordinary Goa beach hut of a fancy luxury room on the beach

what to do in palolem

to learn about Goa and Palolem beach, you must talk to someone that visited it last year, for it is growing so rapidly, like the rest of goa beaches, Palolem beach resorts and new Goa beach huts are opening and closing every year, by force of environmental laws.

beach huts in Palolem beach

so before you choose to go Goa (gogoa) make sure to do your homework about Goa resorts, we are here to help you make a smart decision so when you do visit here, you will enjoy exploring the best of Goa cottages, in Palolem beach or anywhere else, be sure to know what is the best beach in Goa.

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Resorts in Goa and general what are the differences between Goa huts, Goa family room, yoga retreat. we will try and help you to find out what is the best for your vocation in Palolem.

Cottages in Goa

Booking for cottages in Goa while in India or booking in goa online?, always choose to be prepared and book online, this way you can explore reviews about resorts in Palolim and see up to date pictures of Goa and of the rooms

Goa beach resort

the best Goa information to be given on Goa beach resort, Palolim lays in beach huts, that vary between traditional Goa cottages, Palolem resorts, huts and room type accommodation.

Beach huts in Agonda beach

on the Goa map just 8 km from Agonda beach, while Agonda beach huts are all about Goa, form all the Goa reviews you can find, with us it is easy do to booking in Goa.

Resorts in Palolem Beach

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