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Goa, India, a lone Portuguese outpost for more than 450 years, Goa was reclaimed by India as recently as 1962 and the evidence of this latter-day colonial rule is everywhere to be seen. Gorgeous (often crumbling) architecture, fusion cuisine, melancholic fado music and afternoon siestas make Goa unlike any other part of India.

The extraordinary, abundant nature is one of the main attractions in Goa for the more than two million tourists that flock to this beautiful slice of the Indian coastline. Coconut palms, golden sands and warm blue waters on the shores. Dense green jungle, gurgling rivers and amazing waterfalls inland. Abundant birdlife (kingfisher sightings are common), domesticated buffalo walking freely along the roads and the ubiquitous cows on the beach make up some of the animal life one will encounter on a Goa vacation.

But Goa is also known for it's many lovely boutique beach hut resorts, world class restaurants and exciting nightlife. A restorative night's rest in a beautiful hut on a Goa beach, being lulled to sleep by the sound of the sea lapping the shore, is a must. Wake up to an early morning yoga class (a plethora to choose from), followed by wonderful fresh tropical fruit juices, and indulge in a day in the sun, frolicking in the Arabian sea. At night, delight in mouthwatering fresh seafood on any Goa beach, under the stars, and try some of the local brew, either coconut or cashew nut feni.

Although not without it's problems, sustainable tourism and the impact on the environment being the main one, Goa, India is still one of the most magical places in the world to spend a holiday, whether it be solitary, or with family or a romantic getaway.

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theres much to say about Goa beach resort, Goa holidays are known to be unforgettable, check our Goa map, learn about Goa weather and the best time to visit Goa, find beach huts Goa, explore beautiful Goa photos from beach resorts in Goa

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one of the best houses in south goa, set just on the water in colomb bay, a relaxing resort for body and mind. for yoga retreat or just beaching and party visit House in Goa, colomb bay - south Goa a true home in Goa.


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