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Cottages in Goa

Resort in Goa

Exploring about accommodation in Goa

beach hut booking is all about cottages in Goa Holidays, we are in fact travellers ourselves, and we came here (long time ago) to Goa at first just like anyone else, to be totally astonished of the nature, as much as with the culture and people. However, since then we learned a lot about accommodation and cottages in Goa in all aspects. Now here we are, prude to bring you the best resort in Goa as far as we can tell. To be more accurate, we tried to categorize and bring forth different types of Hotels, Motels or Resorts as they fit different types of Travellers. Listed as the best AC rooms, coolest Goa beach huts, family Cottages in Goa even apartments or villas on Goa beach. We aim to supply a solution for anyone, having a selection of Goa accommodation to fit anyone. Yes maybe even you.

Beach Resorts in Goa

The all idea about Goa is the beach after all, one can argue that staying inland while coming to Goa is absurd, infact while this portal was first made we had in mind to collect all beach resorts in Goa, ans bring them to the public every season as they are being built, many of this resorts are brand new, others have a long history of hosting, but all are by the beach

Goa holiday

we have close contact with goa resorts and private house owners in Goa, only those we thought to be the best resorts in Goa beach.
We like to believe we are not only dealing with booking hotels in Goa, but also helping fellow travellers with finding the right Goa Cottages for their own Goa holiday...

Beach Hut Booking

Has a group, Beach Hut Booking’s vision is to carryon out of Goa, and even India, hopefully in the near future, and take booking for resorts all around Asia

Goa beach resorts


There are many resorts Goa that advertise themselves as Goa beach resorts, and even though Goa holidays are known to be unforgettable, we don’t want the reason for that to be a very wrong choice of accommodation for our holiday. So, much like we checked the weather and the best time to visit Goa before arriving, we must research to find the right Goa beach resorts that will offer us a beach hut or cottages in Goa, which fits his needs.

South Goa

North Goa

If you are hoping on discovering sweet hidden corners in the north or south of Goa, many of them still quite empty, especially if you don't visit Goa in the peak season, or if you are on planning a long vacation. With our help, you will out find that some of the best beach in Goa have available rooms if you have good timing.

What to do in Goa

What to do in Goa ?, ever seen a dolphin in his natural environment? well, in Goa it’s not such a big deal, you can spot them daily especially down south Goa, you can take a morning boat ride, or if you’re lucky enough spot them while sitting on the beach...
Goa still has live party scene if that’s what you’re into, there are more clubs up north Goa but Palolem beach and Agonda beach down south have enough night life to keep you very busy.

House in goa

Goa beach house

Palolem beach

Our Goa beach house team is working hard so we can offer a fair variety of houses in Goa, for example, the one we consider the best beach house in goa, set just on the water in colomb bay (next to palolem beach, south Goa), a relaxing mini villa with a relaxing vibe, use it as a yoga retreat or just for beaching and party. House in Goa, colomb bay - south Goa gives a true feeling of home in Goa.

Agonda beach

Patnem Beach

the main beaches of south Goa, many of the beach huts and cottages we are offering are set on these beaches, each beach has its own charm. Palolem beach - has a strong youth energy to it and a wild night life action, together with all classes of accommodations. Patnem beach – is more of a laid back shanty beach, set to host family or couple seeking be seclude. Agonda beach – can offers something to all types of tourists, and is known for great yoga courses, and other meditation methods.

Goa beach huts

Palolem beach resort

What we didn’t mention yet, are Palolem beach resorts and Agonda beach resorts. You might be able to learn some more from reading about Goa beaches in our blog articles, better do that before you jump on a flight to Goa. And when you do visit here, you can really enjoy the best of Goa cottages.

Agonda beach resort


Beach activities and local culture, be it in Palolem beach, Agonda, Panaji the capital or anywhere else. Exploring our site will help you find out exactly what is the best beach in Goa for you, what are Goa beach huts, and when to come to Goa.

Recommended resorts in Goa

Seafront Resort - Seafront Resort Cafe Blue Resort - Cafe Blue Resort Salida Del Sol - Salida Del Sol Bamboo Yoga Retreat - Bamboo Yoga Retreat Zappia Cove Guest House - Zappia Cove Guest House Saffron Sands Agonda - Saffron Sands Agonda

Where to go in Goa

Goa, India

Travel to Goa, India

The extraordinary, abundant nature is one of the main attractions in Goa for the more than two million tourists that flock to this beautiful slice of the Indian coastline. Coconut palms, golden sands and warm blue waters on the shores. Dense green jungle, gurgling rivers and amazing waterfalls inland. Abundant birdlife (kingfisher sightings are common), domesticated buffalo walking freely along the roads and the u....

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Family Resort in Goa

Family-Friendly Goa

Goa’s reputation as a family-friendly destination has grown in recent years, with more Goa resorts catering to parents with little ones, safer food and water, and plenty of fun activities both on and off the beach. Miles of golden sand and gentle sea make Goa beaches the perfect playground, but ....

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